Our Story

Made up of a very colourful and talented collection of musicians playing trumpets, violins, clarinets, tubas, accordions, trombones and drums, Bučan Bučan has been entertaining crowds for the last five years with its variety of traditional, eastern European brass band tunes and original material inspired by Balkan rhythms and melodies. 

This high energy group is mobile and often plays while moving around a venue, indoors or outside, making use of the different features of performance spaces while giving their audiences an up close and personal experience with live music.  Alternately, the band is just as comfortable on a nightclub stage playing to a packed dance floor.

We are:
Arkadi Futerman (bass)
Astrid Bosse (trombone)
Chris Logan (violin, vocals)
Emily McDermid (trumpet, vocals)
Izzy Spencer (trumpet)
Kate Mills (clarinet)
Marlene Stewart (tuba)
Pam Campbell (trombone, vocals)
Tom Salter (percussion, vocals)


Rambunctious, bouncy, old world style 

“Bučan Bučan doesn’t spend much time on the stage, 
instead they prefer to meander through the crowd, 
delighting the audience with their rambunctious 
rhythms, bouncy brass and old world style.” 

Mary Ellen Green - Monday Magazine 

Luminara Lights 

“The music was riveting and somewhat eerie, the 
sheer volume of the 12 or so musicians playing the 
accordion, saxophone, tuba, violin, trumpets and 
megaphone billowed out over the wet crowd adding 
to the other-worldly vibe of the night.” 

Otiena Ellwand - Monday Magazine 

“Kibori”: Track of the Day for July 14, 2010 

“The other day, someone was listening to Bučan Bučan. 
Both the band name and their promo shot caught my 
attention. Having never heard (or even heard of) them 
before, I immediately clicked and found some pretty 
great - if not difficult to categorize - music!” 

Craig Norris - CBC Radio 3, July 14, 2010 - Podcast/Blog: http://r3.ca/08iq